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De cette force une partie qui veut le mal toujours et fait toujours le bien.

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Hi, I'm Bartholomew! Welcome to my personal blog where I occasionally write some posts about my interests: programming, computer security, philosophy, sciences and classical music. This website was mainly created for several selfish purposes:

  1. I have a very bad memory. I want to help my slow brain to memorize some concepts and ideas by writing about them.
  2. I think that keeping a blog up to date is a good solution to structure my works and motivate myself.
  3. My English is relatively bad. By writing in this language, I expect to improve my vocabulary and my written expression.
  4. Finally, if some articles are good enough to captivate my humble visitors, why not share knowledge?

Content description

Here is a list of short descriptions about some pages and categories of this blog:

  • Exquisite: this category contains a story written according to the Exquisite corpse rules (cadavre exquis in French). To summarize, each player has to compose one after the other a part of the intrigue.
  • Pensées pour moi-même: a tag gathering some brief French texts I write when I need. I loosely stole the name to Marcus Aurelius.
  • Notes de lecture: some remainders, researches and notes about books that I'm reading.
  • Papers: I give to myself an objectif of reading one scientific paper by week. This tag groups all the summaries I wrote about them.
  • Others: some other tags will be created in function of my works. If some of these are frequently used, I will add them to this list.


If you spot some mistakes (as much on the substance as on the form), don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to learn! Similarly, if you have questions or remarks, be sure I'll try to help you.

Thank you for your visit!